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Digital Graphics

  • Art Major (B.S. degree) with Digital Graphics concentration
    Become a digital artist. Use a computer and specialized software to express your personal vision of line, form, composition and rhythm. Whether you work commercially or produce projects for your own business, find the freedom to use technology in a creative way.
  • Combine your love for and talents in art, technology, math, science with your creative spirit.

    The Digital Graphics concentration opens the world of digital art to you. Experiment with digital collage, photo painting, digital art, digital painting, graphic illustrations and vector drawing. Use mathematical formulas to make computer-generated images. Create 3D models and animations. Integrate your art into movies, video games, books, comics, graphic novels, websites and blogs.

    At Olivet, you can:

    • Minor in marketing, and develop your skills in promoting and selling your work.
    • Use Macintosh computers with G4 and G5 video editing and 3-D animation capabilities.
    • Work with production computers that turn digital imaging into television.
    • Review your portfolio with art professors during your sophomore year.
    • And so much more!

    Putting knowledge to work

    Learn about budgeting and adjusting for reality. Collaborate with other departments on design projects, such as: 

    • “Tygr” literary magazine with the Department of English and Modern Languages department
    • Graphic design with the Department of Engineering 
    • Redesign of mobile bus with School of Education and the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

    Volunteer to be part of the annual Homecoming for Kids. Plan and lead hands-on art activities for children under age 10 while earning practicum hours.

    Enjoy class trips to Chicago – gallery visits, gallery talks, insights into careers in art, tours of the Art Institute of Chicago, and so much more.

    We encourage all students to be part of a study abroad program, such as the Council for Christian Colleges and University’s Best Semester program. Expand your knowledge and deepen your understand of other countries and cultures.

    Most students complete internships and externships. During the school year, opportunities are available on campus. Discover off-campus opportunities to pursue over the summer. Get credit, get paid and get job experience.


    You might be interested in a career in digital graphics if you are: 

    • Creative
    • Looking for a nontraditional sector of the workforce
    • One who sees the world differently
    • Computer literate and enjoy the challenges and benefits of technology
    • Right-brained
    • Want to make a difference in the world and be a part of something bigger than yourself
    • Not afraid to step out in the unknown and walk by faith to see where God leads you with your creative talents
    • Sensing God’s call inside of you to do this and trusting Him to take care of the details

    Possible careers include: animator, film editor, digital editor, digital designer, graphic designer, web designer, blog designer, video producer, multimedia artist

    Freshman Art Scholarship Form

    Digital Graphics concentration is part of the Department of Art and Digital Media within the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Digital Graphics Right Image
  • At Olivet, you will learn how to translate your skills and passion as an artist into a successful career.

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    William Greiner

    Mary Beth Koszut

    Gary Thomas

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