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  • Available as a major (B.A. and B.S. degrees) and minor
    Modern biology is rapidly changing. With a degree from Olivet, you will have the knowledge and the tools to understand — perhaps even uncover — the latest discoveries so that you can solve complex problems and enrich lives. 

  • Encounter and learn about science and the scientific process. Develop critical thinking, analysis and communication skills. Do research, apply the scientific method and do investigation.

    Ask questions, develop hypotheses, collect and interpret data. Develop skills in scientific writing and presentation.

    We prepare you for the next steps as you pursue a career in biology. Our graduates consistently exceed the national average when it comes to acceptance rates into graduate programs and medical school.

    At Olivet, you can: 

    • Take some of your own white blood cells, isolate them, burst them in the human chromosomes karyotyping lab for molecular and cellular biology, stop the cells during division and see the chromosomes condense.
    • Grow mammalian cells and study them under the microscope, watch them divide and observe different stages of mitosis.
    • Learn anatomy using cadavers – a rarity among undergraduate programs.
    • And so much more!

    Putting knowledge to work

    Biophilic — Students lead and faculty participate in this club for biology majors. Some events include serving the community by working at a local food pantry, visiting nursing homes or cleaning up the banks of the Kankakee River. Other times, the club spends time together playing games and eating pizza.

    Healthcare job shadowing — Spend time with local healthcare professionals working in many different specialties.


    If you:

    • Have a solid background in math
    • Are a good critical and analytical thinker
    • Enjoy applying facts in research

    then a career in biology is for you.

    Possible careers include: medical/clinical laboratory technician, research technician, pharmacy technician, biotechnology research associate, veterinary technician, biotechnology research scientist, medical research assistant, microbiologist, forensic scientist, research biologist, marine biologist

    Biology is part of the Department of Biological Sciences within the College of Arts and Sciences.   

  • Biology RI
  • Gain invaluable experience for graduate school as you conduct hands-on research with experienced faculty mentors.

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