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Behavioral Sciences

  • Are you interested in understanding human beings and how God has created them? Do you want to learn more about the regularity, orderliness and dysfunctions in human behavior? Gain a better understanding of human behavior to help improve our world. Pursue a career in psychology or sociology.
  • Many variables— physiological, environmental, social, developmental — affect human behavior. Our mission is to teach you, by both word and example, to become a competent behavioral scientist, critical thinker and compassionate servant of Jesus Christ.

    Grow in your awareness and understanding of human behavior, including its causes and consequences. Learn more about scientific research methods used to measure human behavior and obtain data. Be ready to apply Christian principles when you study and serve humans in our world.

    All classes are taught by faculty members with doctorate degrees. And if you don’t understand a concept, they will gladly meet with you outside of class for more in-depth study.

    Independent research is an integral part of our program, especially if you are planning to enter graduate school. You will design and conduct one or more of your own year-long research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor by:

    • Developing your research plan.
    • Putting statistics and research methods (surveys, naturalistic observations, archival research, true experiments and quasi-experiments) to work.
    • Ensuring all ethical considerations are followed.
    • Collecting, analyzing, considering and interpreting the data.
    • Preparing a formal written and oral presentation of your report.

    Field experiences are a key aspect of your education, and faculty members will work with you to place you in an area of personal interest. Our students have completed practicums with local social service agencies, such as:

    • Providing inpatient care for the developmentally disabled and/or mentally ill at Shapiro Development Center
    • Working in Riverside Hospital’s inpatient, outpatient, and alcohol/drug rehabilitation units
    • Assisting local school counselors
    • Promoting optimal development in young children at risk through local programs

    Additional Opportunities

    • Advanced students gain valuable experience serving as teaching assistants or as research assistant, helping with data collection and analysis.
    • Prepare and present your work — similar to what you would do for your master’s thesis —to your peers at the annual Student Scholarship Symposium sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA).
    • Volunteer at a homeless shelter, jail, residential care facility or with a local church.
    •  Focus Leadership Institute (FLI) is a one-semester study at the FLI location in Colorado Springs, Colo. Journey through the hows and whys of the Christian faith. Gather with other university student leaders. Explore a unique academic approach to leadership in the areas of marriage, family, church, society and comparative worldviews.

    Should you plan to go to graduate school, you will be prepared. For example, statistics and advanced statistics courses are required courses for your bachelor’s degree. Even in the competitive world of graduate school admissions, we are proud of the high acceptance rate our program graduates enjoy.


    Alumni careers include: researcher, industrial organization psychologist, professor, special forces officer, military officer, clinician, consultant, counselor

    Alumni employers include: medical supply company, university, U.S. Army

    Areas of study:

    Psychology, B.A. and B.S.
    Sociology, B.A.

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  • Learn from experienced behavioral scientists who care about your personal and professional success.

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