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Art and Digital Media

  • In art, you can express thoughts and emotions you can’t always put into words. At Olivet, we provide the methods and the media you need to express the message you want to share — all while preparing you for a successful, professional career.

  • Olivet’s Department of Art and Digital Media prepares Christian artists to work in a secular world. That is an assignment we take seriously!

    A well-rounded, liberal arts education is the first step to your art career. In addition to your art training, learn to connect with businesses and clients. Gain skills that will help you market your work. Develop confidence and character so you are ready to take a stand and make a difference for Christ.

    You live and work in a global environment. As an art student at Olivet, you will focus on the bigger picture – where you came from, where you are and how you can make a difference. A global perspective is foundational to all we do.

    What’s more, Gallery Row, Art Institute of Chicago, and the many other galleries and venues of our country’s third largest city are just an hour away.

    Determine your aptitude and what career you want to pursue. We’ll help you customize your training for the area you choose.

    Starting your freshman year, you will receive instruction directly from your professors, instead of just meeting a list of deadlines on your own. Our professors are working artists, adapting to today’s changing art scene. They are ready to teach you what you need to know to succeed. And they’re equally eager to pray with you!

    All of Olivet’s programs are four-year programs. And four-year scholarships are available for incoming freshmen.

    Olivet art students benefit from:

    • Macintosh computers with G4 and G5 video editing and 3-D animation capabilities
    • Production computers that turn digital imaging into television
    • Digital photography studio
    • Student art shows, professionally lighted and displayed in the lobby of Strickler Planetarium and the recently renovated Brandenburg Art Gallery
    • The Victorian House Art Gallery regularly features exhibits from visiting artists and is open to Olivet students and the community
    • Newly renovated dark room for traditional film development and modern techniques for manipulating images
    • Portfolio review with art professors during your sophomore year to provide guidance and direction to match your strengths and interests
    • Art 495, a career preparation course designed to provide students with a strong ending to our program, including: how to apply for job; where to find jobs; preparation of your resume , interview packet and portfolio

    Putting knowledge to work

    Learn about budgeting and adjusting for reality in working with clients.

    Collaborate with other departments on exciting projects, such as:

    Additional opportunities

    • Icons Honor Society is one of the many opportunities available for encouragement and fellowship
    • Earn practicum hours during Homecoming by planning and leading hands-on art activities for children under age 10
    • Engage in the local community through art projects, such as the recent mural art students created for a local homeless shelter
    • Expand your knowledge and deepen your understand of other countries and cultures, through the Council for Christian Colleges and University’s Best Semester program
    • Get credit, get paid and get job experience through internships on and off campus.

    Alumni careers include: Animator for Disney; graphics artist for “America’s Most Wanted”; professional photographer; international photojournalist; graphics designer; owner of printing company; high school art teacher; elementary school art teacher; freelance graphics artist; art therapist


    National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

    Areas of study   

    Art, B.A. and B.S.
    Digital Graphics, Concentration
    Drawing/Illustration, Concentration
    Painting, Concentration
    Photography, Concentration
    Art Teaching, B.S.
    Art Studio, Minor

    Freshman Art Scholarship Form

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  • Learn from working artists who are well versed in the nuances of today's ever-changing art scene.

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