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Paige C. Cunningham

Nov 21
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
ONU Campus

  Event Schedule:  

 4:00 pm—Q & A with members from the Political Science and History Honor Societies and the Law & Politics Society.   

 5:30 pm—Dinner with select students and faculty 

 7:00 pm—Public Lecture in the Wisner Auditorium  

Title: Outsourcing Our Bodies: Dignity, Desire and Human Flourishing 
Abstract: Advances in medicine, science, and technology tempt us to view human bodies as resources that can be bought or sold, or as machines that can be endlessly repaired and upgraded. Christians are increasingly pressured to move away from our rich theological views of human persons as more than mere physical entities, and to participate in viewing bodies as objects. In outlining current challenges such as selling eggs, organ trafficking, and technological enhancement, Paige Cunningham will present an alternative vision rooted in human dignity and human flourishing.