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Why Honduras? Why Me?

Posted: Jun 06, 2016


Mirian became my little shadow. (Photo by Kelsey McNulty)


The kids’ love is tangible. (Photo by Kelsey McNulty)


I was looking at a small house with dirt floors. (Photo by Callie Archer)

Abridged from a recent post at drrewklline by blogger Drew Kline, an Olivet junior from Jonesboro, Arkansas, majoring in actuarial science and Christian education

During spring break I had the opportunity to go to Honduras with a team of fellow students from Olivet. We worked with an orphanage, El Jardin de Amor y Esperanza (Garden of Love and Hope), to help prepare a new community center. One of the best parts of the trip was being able to just be with and love the kids there. Their love is tangible.

The very first thing that happens when the kids get to the Garden each day is a round of hugs. Each kid seeks out everybody else at the orphanage and gives a hug and a happy “¡Hola!” Before the kids leave for the day, they come back around with hugs and the same enthusiasm, telling everyone, “Hasta mañana (see you tomorrow).”

It was crazy to see how intentional these kids were and to just sense God’s love in that place. We started the trip expecting to serve the people there, but they served us and taught us much more than we could have imagined.

One little girl in particular latched onto me the first day and wouldn’t let go. Mirian soon became my little shadow. At the end of each day, our leaders would go around and ask if we would like to walk some of the kids home that day. I got asked to do this on the first day, which made Mirian really excited.

Typically, we would all walk as a group along a path and drop off kids along the way. But Mirian and one of her brothers, Alex, took me on a “shortcut.” The whole way to their house, the three of us were laughing and having fun. As we got closer, I could sense Mirian getting more and more excited to show me her house. We passed her school on the way, and the house of one of her best friends. She just could not contain her excitement.

We finally reached her house, and my heart dropped. I was looking at a small house with dirt floors. It couldn’t have more than two rooms. Keep in mind that Mirian has nine brothers and sisters. All I could think was, “Wow. How could someone with so little be happy about so much?”

Mirian taught me a lot that day.

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