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Law, Justice and Culture Institute 2013 at Olivet

Posted: Mar 26, 2013


The 2013 Law, Justice and Culture Institute (LJC), sponsored by the Center for Law and Culture, will be held Monday, May 20, through Friday, May 31, in the Weber Leadership Center on Olivet's campus. The Institute is the cornerstone course for Olivet's new minor in legal studies.

Providing a worldview education in the Judeo-Christian tradition, this Institute is open to college undergraduate students and may be audited by interested citizens, including law school and graduate school students.

Olivet Professor Charles Emmerich, J.D., LL.M. — along with several guest lecturers — will help inspire students to formulate a vibrant, biblical view of public engagement in law, government and politics, exploring such topics as:
• law and the administration of justice among the ancient Hebrews
• the “higher law” foundations of the American constitutional order
• Nazism, the Nuremberg trials and the resurgence of natural law

Tuition for the Institute is $1,185 for three hours of academic credit. The auditing cost is $285. Significant scholarships and financial assistance are available. Textbook cost is $90. Dormitory housing is available on campus for $130, covering the two-week stay. Some meals are provided, and there are many affordable restaurants in the area.

On Saturday, May 18, just prior to the start of the LJC, there will be a special presentation focused on “Creation Care.” This practicum includes some Institute students and and is also open to the public. 

The one-day practicum on creation care will explore biblical principles of stewardship, conflict management and sustainability. Content is based on the work of Susan Emmerich, Ph.D. and consultant to the Center, specifically on Tangier Island as shown in her film “When Heaven Meets Earth: Faith, Environment and the Chesapeake.” Participants will gain the knowledge and necessary tools to apply these methods and principles at the community level. Cost for the practicum only is $10 for students and $40 for non-students.

For more information or to begin the registration process, go to the Center’s website at or contact Tammy Galvan-Barnett, LJC coordinator, at 815-928-5552 or


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