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Count down the days to Christmas with student music artists

Posted: Dec 06, 2013


Joe Mantarian and Joey Ramirez are excited for the opportunity to share their friends' talents with songs such as "The Christmas Song," "Jingle Bells" and "The Little Drummer Boy."

In Germany during the 19th century, families began a tradition of physically counting down the days until Christmas. Each day, they used chalk to draw a line on the door, or they lit a new candle. This was the start of the now ongoing tradition of the Advent calendar. 

At Olivet this year, the Advent calendar has reached a new level. Sophomore Joe Mantarian (Multimedia Production, Kankakee, Ill.) and Joey Ramirez, coordinator of chapel worship, began a project called “The 25 days of Christmas covers” - featuring Olivet students - on a variety of Christmas songs that are posted on YouTube.

“We want to give students the opportunity to use their talents and do something fun that’s not school work,” Joe said. “And it’s not just for music students.”

The songs include a variety of genres and many talented students who aren’t always involved in musical performances at Olivet.

“We noticed a lack in the local music scene,” Joey said. “Our students had nowhere to play and/or be creative with their friends.” 

To musically count down the days until Christmas, look for “The 25 Days of Christmas Covers” on their YouTube Channel “The Weekend Covers.” After Christmas, Joe and Joey will continue to post covers, creating an outlet for students to showcase their talents and to develop their newly created “online music venue.”

“We hope that this goes further than just this month,” Joey says. “We want to continue our music venue into every weekend of next semester and maybe even longer.”

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