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/ Thane Moore ’94 recognized as 2012 Staff Member of the Year

Thane Moore ’94 recognized as 2012 Staff Member of the Year

Posted: Aug 27, 2012


Thane Moore, Olivet’s media services manager, was honored as the 2012 Staff Member of the Year during the President’s Dinner on August 24. “Thane, for your late nights, adaptability and dedication to serving behind the scenes with a smile, we salute you,” said Dr. John C. Bowling, University president, as he presented the award.

At Olivet, Thane oversees a wide range of areas, including audio/video services for classrooms and conferences; live video streaming of sports, concerts and events; lights and sound for plays and musicals, on‑campus cable television, and so much more. Usually the first person to show up and the last one to leave, Thane’s behind-the-scenes mastery of technology is paramount to the success of countless events on campus, big or small.

Because of this, his job is often done in front of thousands of people — which is where he does his best work. Thane’s amiable demeanor and sense of humor help diffuse high pressure situations. “Even under stress, my crew finds time to laugh and have a good time. That’s very important to me,” he says.

Thane admits the job keeps him on his toes, as each situation is different and technology does not always cooperate. “I love problem solving,” he says. “I enjoy the challenge of going in on the fly and working out the last minute kinks.”

The most challenging, but rewarding, payoff was the dedication service of the Betty and Kenneth Hawkins Centennial Chapel in 2010. Thane’s team spent months tirelessly readying new equipment for the Homecoming celebration event of a lifetime. “That was the very first event in the chapel, and we were pushed to the limit,” Thane says.

It was a daunting task — operating all new sound, lights, projection screens and more in front of Olivet’s largest audience to date. The room overflowed with more than 3,000 people, hundreds watched a live video stream at alternate on-campus locations, and countless others tuned in from their homes, including the Hawkins family. The pressure was on.

Thankfully, Thane and his team perform well under pressure because the ceremony went off without a hitch. It will go down as a high point in ONU history. “When it was all over,” Thane recalls, “the Hawkins family called and said, ‘You guys knocked it out of the park!’ That made it all worthwhile.”

Thane is committed to the mission and vision of ONU. “I bleed Olivet,” he admits. Even when he’s not on the clock, Thane finds himself picking up trash when walking across campus, or calling in a work order when something needs fixing. He is a team player in every sense of the word.

Attending Olivet is tradition in the Moore family. Although everyone is given the option of going someplace else, they always choose Olivet. In 1990, a long line of Moores had already attended or worked at ONU — Thane decided he would do both. A 1994 graduate, Thane began full-time ONU employment in 1999 and has worn a variety of hats in the area of technology and media.

He and his wife, Dawn (Triezenberg) ’94, are the parents of three children: Ethan, Emma and Abby.