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/ Letter from Bill Gaither: “Great things will come from this student body”

Letter from Bill Gaither: “Great things will come from this student body”

Posted: Nov 08, 2012

Bill and Gloria Gaither
Prior to the Homecoming Gaither Vocal Band Concert, Bill and Gloria Gaither sat down to talk to Olivet students.
On Friday, November 2, Olivet students had a chance to interact with gospel music legends Bill and Gloria Gaither. After 50 years of marriage and a lifetime of music, the Gaithers were an inspiration and wealth of information for everyone in attendance.

For students who aspire to be involved in music, the Gaithers stressed the importance of relating to people.

"If you want to know music, you need to know something about people," Gloria Gaither said.

They also discussed the importance of world-views. The way someone looks at their culture and how they live will show in their careers.

“It's more than just the music," Bill Gaither said.

Letter from Bill Gaither

Following his visit, Bill sent the following letter to the students he’d met.

To the Student Body of Olivet Nazarene University,

One of the prayers I often pray for myself as the years go by is, "God don't let me fall prey to cynicism."

I also pray that prayer for your student body. In a day when so many young people are seeking divine answers in all the wrong places, I looked out at the sea of young faces Saturday night, and I was so encouraged to see the hope on your faces.

I urge you to become critical thinkers. It is good and right to face serious problems with serious questions. I’ve known many well-meaning people of faith who were afraid to challenge the status quo. But asking the right questions leads you to constructive answers for your generation and the generations yet to come.

I pray that God will protect you from destructive cynicism, which actively works against spiritual progress; and even constructive cynicism is void of solutions in this increasingly complicated world.

Fight cynicism with His truth, grace and love. Continue to ask the hard questions while also embracing the spiritual principles that have been proven trustworthy since the dawn of Creation.

After seeing your faces, so eager and full of hope, I believe we will see great things come from this student body.

Bill Gaither

Acres that comprise Olivet's beautiful, park-like campus in Bourbonnais, Illinois