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Let’s talk politics: Capitol Hill Gang and the election

Posted: Nov 09, 2012

Steer clear of discussing politics? Try telling that to the Capitol Hill Gang (CHG), one of the most active clubs at Olivet Nazarene University. The members are passionate about politics, and not surprisingly, this happens to be one of their favorite times of the year.

Brandon Allison, a leader in CHG, described the club as “a group of politically interested students who engage in substantive discussion about social, political, and religious issues of the day.” He thinks it is part of the club’s job to keep students on campus informed about political issues.

Several weeks before Election Day, CHG hosted a mock debate in Wisner Auditorium between student representatives speaking for Governor Romney and President Obama. They wanted to give students who might not have seen all of the presidential debates a clear idea of what stance each candidate defends.

Eight ONU students duked it out, with political science professor David Claborn as moderator. They advocated for Romney and Obama on such diverse issues as job creation, China, Iran and social issues.

At the end of the debate, audience members were asked to vote for one of the two candidates, with Romney winning 50-30.

CHG member and leader Matthew VanDyke said, “The debate was a success; it was informative, and helped the audience get a better idea of who they are going to vote for.”

On election day, CHG hosted a party celebrating the election, and the American privilege to vote. Allison said it was “a lot of fun discussing various elections from different home districts while sharing predictions and reactions to the actual returns.”

Though Election Day may be over, CHG will continue to play an active role on campus. The club is already planning various future events, including a spring debate.

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