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/ Homecoming Court “Shimmers” in Coronation

Homecoming Court “Shimmers” in Coronation

Posted: Nov 07, 2012

Shimmer Coronation

Homecoming 2012 began Wednesday evening when the 58th Homecoming Queen was crowned.
All of the class and elegance that has been built into the tradition of Coronation was blended with the fresh theme coined by VP of Women’s Residential Life Madison Leesburg: Shimmer.

The night began with Leesburg telling a story of how she watched the power of the Florida sun as it played and shimmered off the waves. She compared that imagery to the five men and five women represented on the Homecoming Court. Their lives shimmer throughout the Olivet community.

The “ten shimmers,” as Leesburg referred to them, are prominent leaders on Olivet’s campus, showing outstanding work both in the classroom and in their extracurricular activities. They have lengthy lists of areas in which they have been involved and served during their time at ONU. In addition to their long list of accomplishments, they also have earned the respect of their peers, receiving their spot on the Homecoming Court by student vote.

While at the end of the night one queen was crowned, Allison Wiseman of Bradford, Ohio, all ten of the students on the court represent the Olivet community well. They continue the tradition of excellence that has come to be expected from Olivet students, faculty and staff.