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/ Chicago Bears attract crowds, nationwide press coverage to ONU

Chicago Bears attract crowds, nationwide press coverage to ONU

Posted: Aug 27, 2012

Chicago Bears
Another Training Camp has wrapped for the Chicago Bears. As with every year, the arrival of the Bears brought endless media coverage and thousands of fans to the University.

National media outlets — including ABC, NBC, CBS and ESPN — set up camp on many of Olivet’s campus locations, broadcasting Olivet Nazarene University’s name and images to millions of sports fans across the nation. Through television, computer screens and prominent publications, Olivet has made its way into living rooms, offices and restaurants from coast to coast.

Additionally, diehard Bears’ fans came to watch the practices in droves. More than 100,000 Bears supporters flooded the campus this year alone, many being introduced to ONU for the very first time.

The Bears-Olivet relationship is now 11 years strong, and there are no signs that ties will be severed anytime soon. Head Coach Lovie Smith was recently quoted in the Chicago Tribune, saying this about Olivet: “They are great hosts for us. Everything around here was good. We had excellent support. This is a second home for us.”

With a new contract already underway, it seems that both organizations are happy with the current arrangement, and it will continue for the foreseeable future.

Acres that comprise Olivet's beautiful, park-like campus in Bourbonnais, Illinois