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Catch the vision and go: Give Your Life Away Week

Posted: Nov 07, 2012

Give Your Life Away(2)
Hundreds of students signed up to be part of mission trips or other service opportunities during Give Your Life Away Week.
Cuba, Thailand, Burkina Faso, Korea, China. Ever dreamed of going to any of these places to make a difference? Give Your Life Away Week was the launching point for all of these and many other Olivet sponsored mission trips, also known as Missions in Action (MIA).

The movement to “give your life away” began when chapel speaker Wayne Francis challenged students to be faithful in whatever God calls them to do. His closing words of “When I sit down, God stands up,” emphasized that we need to give our lives to the call God has placed on our lives, because it is then that He can do so much more with us than we ever imagined. Whether it is being a teacher, a father, a lawyer, a missionary, or anything in between, we must give our lives away to the call God has given us.

Olivet students have a myriad of opportunities to give their lives away. Throughout this special week of emphasis, there was a poverty seminar, Team World Vision celebration, two MIA informational meetings, world art displays, and table talk session with Wayne Francis. Students were inspired to begin the process of living missionally, however that looks in their lives.

Senior Cassidy Lancaster, co-leader of the student ministry Heart for Missions, was thrilled to see how members of her ministry were becoming involved, putting what they talk about in their ministry into action.

“It is so exciting to see others becoming involved and catching the vision, especially those in my ministry,” said Lancaster.

And that is what Give Your Life Away Week is all about. Catching the vision. Becoming involved. Deciding right here and now to do everything possible to fulfill God’s call on your life.

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