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/ “Occupy Ludwig” pancake appreciation a hit among students

“Occupy Ludwig” pancake appreciation a hit among students

Posted: Nov 19, 2012

Pancake Feed

 Recently, the students at Olivet enjoyed “Occupy Ludwig,” a pancake breakfast sponsored by the Alumni Association.

Breakfast at 10 p.m. attracted many students to take a break from studying, march into Ludwig dining hall and enjoy pancakes. Alumni paid for and organized the event, then served the students.

The Alumni Board came up with the idea and started it last year. It was such a success, that it may become an annual tradition. Junior Staci Bradbury said she thought it was even better this year than last.

“It’s a great opportunity for the alumni board to interact with, and to see, our top priority — our students,” Gary Griffin, director of alumni and university relations said.

The goal was to remind the students that they are already alumni. Students enjoyed the breakfast and appreciated taking the time to relax.

They can all echo Sophomore Nick Allen, “Thank you for taking the time for doing something so thoughtful.”


The School that would later be known as "Olivet Nazarene University" was founded with 36 students in a one-room schoolhouse near Georgetown, Ill.