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Willa Harper

College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry and Geoscience

Ph.D., 2002, Northern Illinois University
B.S., 1991, Olivet Nazarene University

With her experience in teaching college-level chemistry for more than nine years, Dr. Harper shares her knowledge and insights with students in introductory, general and physical chemistry courses. She also teaches inorganic chemistry and co-teaches the instrumental methods of analysis course with Drs. Ferren and Armstrong.

A recipient of Northern Illinois University's Dissertation Completion Award (2001-2002), Dr. Harper has a passion for research. Her interests include investigations of the chemistry of the eye, particularly studies involving processes related to light and age-related visual disorders. Her article, "Studies of all-trans-retinal as a photooxidizing agent" (2001), was published in “Photochemistry and Photobiology,” the journal for the American Society for Photobiology.

Dr. Harper has a large extended family living across the state of Illinois and in many other states as well. Her hobbies include working puzzles and knitting.



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